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Fundraiser Katie Jackson, author of "Ferris Wheel"

Katie will be donating 100 percent of the net proceeds from the sale of her
book "Ferris Wheel" and other fundraising efforts to Dr. Jan Nolta's Lab for
the first human stem cell clinical trial and potential treatment or cure of
Huntington's disease.

Read about
Dr. Nolta's Lab.

Read about UC Davis Stem Cell Research Funding

Research4HD.org is proud to launch its' first online fundraiser for HD
research where only 100 percent net proceeds is good enough for our
researchers, foundations, clinics (RFC's) and HSG. We are honored and
privileged to be able to offer this portal for folks who want to donate to the
RFC's they choose to support.

We can all make a difference if we all pitch in. A $5 donation will make a big
impact if everyone donates and you will receive not only a beautifully written
e-book, but you can take pride in knowing that you made a difference and all
of your dollars supported HD research.

Also listed herein are links to EPUB and PDF reader programs for those of
you who don't yet have the program for e-books.

Adobe Reader Free Download

Nook Free Reading Apps

File Conversion for e-books
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Fundraising for

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100% net proceeds

donated to HD RFC's

and HSG!

You can raise $ too...

Support who you choose!

It's your donation $

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who you want to support!

If you'd like to raise $

for research...

please contact us directly!


Thank you for your support!

Without research there

will be no cure!
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